We don’t know how this movie got into Mike’s list at Netflix, but we want to thank whoever recommended it to him. The story of Hubert, a tough-guy French cop who has been mourning for the last 19 years the loss of the woman who abandoned him, only to find out that she’s dead and has left him with a daughter, is both tender and hilarious. It convinced me that Jean Reno is one of the finest comic actors of his generation. This is light fare, don’t be mistaken, but completely enjoyable at that. I want a dad like Hubert! And so does Mike – though apparently for different reasons 🙂

The Sari Shop

I came across “The Sari Shop” in the “New Books” shelf at my local public library. I like reading fiction from around the world, and our library gets a fair number of books written by Indian writers for English-speaking audiences. I don’t know if this is because of the demographics of San Leandro, the particular preferences of our librarians or the fact that literature – like so many technical and service jobs – has been outsourced to India. No matter, I enjoy reading these books and “The Sari Shop”, a first time effort by novelist Rupa Bajwa, was no exception.