I’m pretty used to getting hate mail, though it’s generally related to my work. That I can understand, and I can understand when I get an angry message from the owner of a restaurant I’ve reviewed negatively. But hate mail from perfect strangers who are very angry about what I’ve written is a little bit more puzzling. This is one such message I got today. It refers to my review of the Royal Caribbean cruise that we took last year. It wasn’t a terrible review, but I guess it offended Linda Kracht because this is what she wrote to me:

You sound like spoiled rotten, impossible to please – jerks. Poor YOU! Our trip on Royal Caribbean was FABULOUS and MEMORABLE! By the sounds of your email, you do NOT know how to enjoy life, and thus, stuck being the miserable bastards you come across as being! Poor, poor you! I can only hope Royal Caribbean never has the misfortune of having YOU on their ships again!
God Bless,

I’ve never heard of Linda before, but an internet search of her e-mail address (a hotmail account) led me to her webpage. Apparently she’s a real estate agent in Florida, but I still have no clue as to why my review got her so riled up. I’d written to her asking, so hopefully I’ll find out.