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A real life Bratz

jade.jpgKelly Choi I’ve been watching and enjoying Top Chef Masters for a while, but only tonight I came to the realization that Kelly Choi, the host, is a real life Bratz doll. Look at the enormous head and enormous eyes on that tiny body, the super skinny legs and arms, the oversize hair. I’ve always thought that Choi looked weird, but now I realize that indeed some girls grow up to look like Bratz.

On Motherhood

I was reading The Fix in Salon (yes, from time to time I read it, I plead guilty and ashamed) and run across this comment from Nicole Kidman on having more children:
“I’d like to be a mum again. I always thought I’d live on a Fijian island. I love the idea of being in a sarong, with hair down to my bum and kids following me around.”
AFAIK, she has two or three kids already. But what puzzles me is her belief that she could go someplace, even in an island, and have her kids just follow her around. Huh? Are there kids who do that, just blindly follow their parents around? No tantrums as to where they are going, no hour to get them out the door as they change their outfit for the hundreds time, or they get distracted and start playing when they go retrieve their shoes?, no “I’m bored, mommy” if you are going someplace boring. Does she indeed have three perfectly content, quiet kids who would follow her around, or has she just not experienced enough of motherhood to know it doesn’t work that way?

For the sixteen

Today, 34 years ago, was the massacre of Trelew. Sixteen young Argentinians, mostly belonging to militant organizations, had managed to fled the Patagonian prison where they had been imprisoned. Six got away for good (though 3 would be later disappeared during the upcoming military dictatorship), the rest gave themselves up after receiving guarantees that their physical integrity would be respected. They were taken back to jail were they were all extra-judicially executed, shot to death, some after being tortured.
They were young kids, idealistic kids, who were trying to make a better Argentina. They probably chose a different path than the one I would have chosen – but I was 3 at the time – but they didn’t deserve their fate.
Today, Argentina remember them. I remember them. Let’s never forget.

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