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Amusing Spam

Sometimes the spam I get is really weird. Today I got one for a “Photography class for Dentists” – it’s limited to 20 spaces. Well, I guess everyone should learn how to take a picture 🙂

Man dies saving a cat

This is heartbreaking. It reminds me of a newspaper story from long ago detailing how six men in Egypt died while trying to save a chicken that fell into a well. I kid you not.

Aug 10th, 2009 | FAIRBANKS, Alaska — The family of a 73-year-old Alaska man who fell from a tree after rescuing a cat last month decided to have his breathing tube removed.
Joseph Fletcher of Fairbanks has been in a Seattle hospital since suffering a head injury, a torn aorta and broken ribs in last month’s fall.
In an e-mail to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, daughter Rebecca Fletcher Bafus said the decision to have the tube removed over the weekend was not easy, but it’s what her dad would want. Doctors estimate Fletcher may live a few days before succumbing to respiratory failure.
Fletcher, the co-owner of J and E Trees, fell 25 feet after letting the cat down with a rope and pet carrier.

Migrant slipped into UK aboard border agents’ bus

LONDON (AP) – The government says an illegal immigrant sneaked into the U.K. by smuggling himself aboard a bus full of British border agents.

Britain’s Home Office says the man hid in the small space between the bus’s chassis and its fuel tank as it traveled through the Channel Tunnel from the French town of Coquelles to the British coastal city of Dover.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported Saturday that the bus carried at least 20 Border Agency staff, whose job it is to keep illegal immigrants out. The newspaper says the man was spotted dropping from the bus on to the road but ran away before he could be caught.

The Home Office said the incident occurred within the last week but could not immediately give a precise date. It said the man has not been caught.

Uganda: Human Rights Body Wants Death Sentence for Perpertrators of Torture

People unclear of the concept (of human rights):
Kampala — Uganda Human Rights commission is advocating for the Death sentence as an extreme penalty to perpetrators of Torture.
The demand is made on the eve of the UN International Day against Torture, its part of a campaign to eradicate torture and on Humanity.
The main thrust of this year’s commemoration is advocacy for the Prohibition and Prevention of Torture Bill, 2009. The bill which was developed jointly by the Uganda Human Rights Commission and members of Coalition against Torture
It seeks to address some of the gaps in the current legal provisions that deal with torture in Uganda. It is intended to criminalize torture in Uganda, accord torture a comprehensive definition and spell out punishments to perpetrators of torture, the commissions secretary Gordon Mwesigye says.

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