harperbaby.jpgStephen Harper Eats Babies. That’s the message thousands riders of Canadan GO trains saw repeated over and over on the electronic signs posted on each car. One wondered whether this was the official viewpoint of GO Transist. Apparently, though, babies are safe for the moment as the message was the work of a jokester who used a remote control device sold at Sam’s Club to reprogram the sign. The signs were put up by Exclusive Advertising Inc. who apparently were too cheap to buy the software to put password protection on the signs.
Stephen Harper is the conservative wanna-be-neo-con who just became Prime Minister of Canada. Though he looks like he might eat babies, apparently there is no evidence that he really does. “I worked with Stephen Harper for five years and never once did he in that time eat a baby,” said Gerry Nicholls, vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, the organization formerly headed by Harper. But he has been called a Bush Baby. Just in case, if I ever meet him, I’ll keep my baby away from him.