Last week we took a short vacation in the Wine Country in California. As part of that we decided to get a mud bath. We’ve never done that before (in reality, I’ve never done any spa activities before) and Mike had a boyish fascination with the idea of being in the mud.
Our first choice for spas wasn’t available, so we booked treatments at the Oasis Spa, located at the Roman Spa Hot Springs Motel in Calistoga. The place did resemble a trailer from the outside, but inside it was generally pleasant.
For those, who like us, have never taken a mud bath before I am describing the experience at Oasis Spa.
We started by going into a changing room, taking off our clothes and covering ourselves with long blankets. From there we were taken to the mud bath room, a private room with two mud tubs and two mineral jacuzzi tubs. We were told to take a shower and then go into the mud.
That was more difficult than imagined, however, because the mud wasn’t really soft mud. Instead it was peat moss, with chunks of wood and whathaveyou. The attendant helped by pouring mud over us. There were pillows to rest our head, and at various times the attendant came with glasses of cold water for us to drink and cold towels that she put in our heads. That was quite nice and relaxing.
What was not nice, was the view from the mud tub. All you could see was an old tiled wall, with pipes and hoses coming out of it. Even a picture would have improved the situation. I guess you are meant to close your eyes, but still, some decoration, a picture and a few hanging plants would help. Of course, what would help most is if they redid the whole room.
Neither Mike nor I were particularly impressed by the mud bath experience. He was disappointed than the mud wasn’t really mud and he’d still like to try the real thing. I thought that the experience was just overrated. In all, I think we spent 20 minutes in the mud bath.
What we both enjoyed much more was the bath in the spa tubs (after showering of course). These were filled with bubbles and were very relaxing. The fact that there was a plant and a window nearby (and no pipes) made the view a little better. Mike was so relaxed that he fell asleep. I just laid there contented. I think we stayed in this tub 20 to 30 minutes. Once again the attendant came to put cold towels on our head and give us water.
After we got out and shook the bubbles out of our bodies (it’s recommended that you not take a shower so as to not take away the minerals that have deposited in your skin), we were led to a room with two cots, told to get inside the thin blanket and relax. They gave us lavender eyemasks to put on our eyes and there was a little running water fountain. After the draining hot baths this was a very pleasant experience. So relaxing that Mike, once again, fell asleep. I just stayed there thinking about whatever. I’m not sure how long we stayed there, 10 to 15 minutes perhaps.
It was finally time to get dressed and go.
In all we had a very good experience (save for those ugly pipes), and I’d definitely like to try a spa again. Though next time, I’ll probably try a different one.
Oasis Spa
1300 Washington St
Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 942-2122