Last night Mike and I went to Watercourse Way, an amazing spa and hot tub place in Palo Alto. We’ve been there twice before, but only because it’s so far away from us (it took about an hour to get there, more to get back due to an accident in the freeway), that it’s hard and expensive to do it when we have a babysitter at home. But the kids were away with their grandparents and we had the time.
Watercourse Way is without doubt the best hot tub place in the Bay Area. We have explored those in the East Bay, and while we like Piedmont Springs, it really can’t compare. Watercouse Way rooms are incredibly beautiful, somewhat reminiscent of ancient Roman baths, and extremely relaxing.
This time we had the six drangonflies room, which we’ve had before. It has a wood hot tub – 4 feet deep -, a cold dip well, and a large shower with steam. In addition there is a single bed, with new white linen, to rest from the heat. I think the hot tub has six jets. Sitting there you feel all your stress disappear. I hadn’t tried the steam bath before, but we also found it very relaxing and just fun (though the steam is pretty hot). The shower is big enough that you can hide in the back and not be able to see anything at all. The room has light peach walls and a small wall water fountain, which I think help make it even more relaxing. I’d highly recommend this room.
I think the time before we went to One Pine, which was larger, but not as beautiful. It also had a wood hot tub, but it had a sauna instead of a steam shower.
There are several rooms that have large (perhaps six feet long?) tiled tubs, very reminiscent of ancient roman baths. Unfortunately the rooms are pretty small, and they don’t have a cold plunge or steam or sauna. They are still beautiful, but I think I prefer the larger rooms.
Next time I want to try the nine bats room, which also has steam.
Watercourse Way
165 Channing Ave
Palo Alto, CA