The girls and I have been making soap together for a couple of months. I was looking for activities we could do that would not bore me to hell – and soap and cosmetic making is close enough to cooking, that I enjoy it. It’s also fairly easy (if you use the pour & melt kind).
Well, last night Mika wanted to make soap and I wanted to watch Dollhouse, so she decided to do it on her own. She’s been working the microwave for a while, so I thought I might as well let her. Well, she did a great job! She did overheat the soap from time to time – and once the bowl was hot enough that she dropped it on the floor, lightly burning the top of her feet – and she did cut her thumb a little bit while cutting the soap in slices small enough to melt, but she survived. And she made some beautiful soaps all by herself! And she’s just shy of 7!
In a sadder note, yesterday Mika told me that she didn’t like my work and that she didn’t like me talking about it with Mike. She said she couldn’t understand how I could be looking at pictures of dead people all the time, without crying. The thing is, I do cry quite often. I tried to tell her about some positive aspects of my work – but I really couldn’t think of any. But what this tells me is that I have to take more care on talking to Mike about work when she’s on earshot – or having pictures on my screen when she’s around.

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  1. Diana

    This just shows you have taught your children to be socially aware and Mika understands that death is a sad occurance. You should be proud!

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