Here is a scam that I got today. A quick search online shows that the name Mariam Badda has been in other scam letters – I wonder why they don’t just come up with new names.

Dear friend,
My name is mariam badda and i am from the republic of mozambique based in london.i am a professional watercolour artist.i was diagnosed on the 15th of November 2008 with stage 111A breast cancer.on the 30th of November i had a lumpectomy and they had to take out nine of my lymph nodes, in which there were seven that were positive.the size of my tumor was 1.3cm and surgical margins were negative.i had the Her-2/neu protein,which is a varying aggressive cancer.after that i went through several series of radiation tests and did 3months of Adriamycin and cytoxan.My Doctor then advised to me to start recieving treatment at home.On the 10th of march this year my oncologist told me that after properly analysing my radiation test and treatment control reviews i had to do a chemo treatment.This treatment would be the last phase of medication to totally eliminate the cancer cells that are rapidly growing and dividing in my blood cells.I have spent all my hard earned money to ensure my survival.i have also had a lot of support from friends and relatives during my radiation tests and lumpectomy defect.
I solely appeal through this means to you out there to please support me in anyway you can so that i can go through this operation once and for all and return normal and healthy again because i have a very limited period of time to live.your generousity will be highly appreciated and honoured by me.i look forward to hear from you soon.thanks,
Mrs mariam badda