bottles.jpgToday is my 7th Mother’s Day – and I decided to treat myself by going shopping. Nothing extravagant, mind you.
I went to Thrift Town where I got a few containers that I may be able to use for cosmetics and a couple of little baskets. Some are very cute, and I want to take a picture of them after I dry them (I just washed). Stay tuned.
Then we went to a hardware store and got a bunch of plants to, well, plant. We’ve never been able to grow something before so I’m not very optimistic, but the kids want to do it and I’m willing to give it a try. I got lavender, chamomile, oregano and parsley for me, flowers for the kids (including some daisies). Let’s see where we can put them.
Now Mike and the kids are off to Seussical and I’m having a cup of tea before doing some cleaning/laundry. Yeah, not the ideal way to pass mother’s day, but if I don’t do it today, I still have to do it tomorrow.