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I have a lot of roses. A LOT. Too many. And while I’m not particularly fond of roses, I thought I could at least use them to make rose essential oil. The real recipes for it require distillation or something like that, so I took the “cheater” way and simply mixed in the bruised petals from one rose with 1/4 cup sunflower oil. I put it in a tightly lidded jar and rested it in a dark place for a week. Then I added another rose, and so forth for two more weeks. Finally, I squeezed the oil from the petals into a strainer and discarded the petals.
The results are not too great. What I have left is not rose oil, but a mixture of oil, solids (so fine that I cannot filter them out) and water (the moisture from the rose petals, I assume); it’s not completely emulsified. Most worryingly, the perfume barely smells of roses (or plants, I can’t quite tell). Now, the fault may be with my roses. Even though it looks like the rose bush next to our house threw up, the resulting roses are not very aromatic.
Oh well, I planted some lavender and perhaps next year I’ll have enough to attempt lavender oil.

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  1. Abhijeet Kelkar

    This is Abhijeet KElkar, i was just browsing where i came across your post and thought that i might be of some help to you.
    Essential oil of Rose is produced by either steam distilation, Solvent Extraction or CO2 extraction, at home you can only prepare Rose Petal Jam for that you have to just add sugar and Rose at the ratio of 1:2 (Rose Petal:Sugar) and keep the jar in the sun light for atleast 15-20 days before its ready to consume.
    Hope this will be of use to you.

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