Prayers and Meditations of St. Anselm with the Proslogioncraftycool.jpgLast night I made my first swap at, a website that allows you to swap specific books/cds/games that you have for others that you want. At a whim, I entered the collection of books that I want to get rid of, and after a week or so got my first offer of a trade: Crafty Girl: Cool Stuff for the Prayers and Meditations of St. Anselm with the Proslogion , a book I got twenty years ago for my Medieval Intellectual History class and that, predictably, I never read. And, let’s be honest, a book I would never, if I lived to be a hundred, read.
The one negative thing about this swapping thing is that I have to actually mail the book. Which means I need to find some sort of packaging materials for it. Mailing it is only $2.80 or so but mailing it is a hassle (one that I’m passing on to Mike). If you think about the fact that I can much more easily donate the books I have to the library and then buy the ones I want, probably for about $4 each, including shipping, from an online vendor, perhaps this swapping thing doesn’t make that much sense. But… how cool is it to have found someone who wants to trade a book on girls’ crafts for one on medieval prayers?