The Little Box of SpellsThis weekend was Mika’s Birthday Party and she got several nice presents – but my favorite is the The Little Box of Spells she got from our friend Paz. We’re always looking for activities to do together, and this one couldn’t be cooler.
The tiny kit comes with a tiny book of spells, two pink tea candles, a “magic” stone and a small bottle of rose fragrance oil.
The spells are very cool. They focus on love, friendship, protection and emotional well being. Some of the spells included are for helping friends in need, gaining forgiveness, have good humor and cooling down anger. You can see that they may end up being successful just by garnishing your willingness and attention on the issue that’s bothering you. Also, they are general enough, that you can’t really say that they don’t work 🙂 I am not sure that I want Mika to believe in magic -after all, it’s not real, but the results of doing spells like this can very well be so. So for the time being, I’m willing to let her try.
What I also really like about the spells is that they only require things you are likely to have at home, and they usually give you a choice of ingredients. For example, Mika chose a spell to keep fears away, and this one required writing with an orange or red pen, and sprinkling ground ginger or thyme on the paper. There is nothing more frustrating that wanting to do a project (any kind of project) and not having the ingredients at hand.
In any case, thank you Paz for the lovely gift, I’m sure Mika will enjoy it.