The Bead Shop Wrist Pix KitWe’re in the middle of summer vacation, and one of the ways I prepared for it was by getting lots of kits, crafts, games and activities so that the kids would not be bored to death and they wouldn’t spend all day long watching shows on netflix (not that they don’t anyway).
Today, for example, Camila and I spent the morning making soap and doing fun, gross experiments from the Scientific Explorer’s Disgusting Science kit (which I will review in a couple of weeks when the cultures we are growing are ready). We had lunch, watched some TV (of course), read books, hugged a lot, and decided to finally open the Wrist Pix Kit which I got on listia a few months back.
This kit (an older version of the one linked above) was surprisingly fun. What you do is either draw tiny pictures on stickers or color the stickers included with the kit, stick them on rectangle metal beads. Then you put a transparent thick sticker on it, and you’re done with the beads.
Actually using them to make jewelry is a bit more difficult. The kit comes with a bunch of nice 4mm plastic beads and very, very, very cheap elastic cord. The problem is that it comes apart very easily, making it difficult to thread – but not impossible. The other problem is that my girls apparently don’t want to do the actual beading – making the picture tiles is more fun 🙂
Anyway, this is a fun kit all in all.