Project Runway Fashion Design Projector Kit – Review

Project Runway Fashion Design Projector KitMika, my 8-year-old, got the Project Runway Fashion Design Projector Kit from her step-grandmother for Xmas. She played with it when she just got it, then put away for several months, and got it out again this morning. I have to admit that it was quite fun.
The kit comes with a projector and a slides with sample shirts/pants/skirts/shoes/bags/etc. You place the projected images on top of pieces of papers with lightly drawn body figures (these come with the kit), trace over the images and then decorate the clothing as you’d like. There are a few more things on the kit to make it more fun – as well as a “challange” game, in which each player spins a wheel to find out what piece to design, in what style and in how much time – while competing against other players. Of course, the competition aspect is not great when you have sore losers in your family, but it would be fun for more mature players.
This kit is perfect for an 8-year-old girl or older (I even enjoyed it), but I think it wouldn’t work so well for a younger girl.
It’s not cheap, but if your girl is into fashion design, this is probably a great way for her to pass her time.

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  1. Heart

    Nice toy! Even the adult enjoyed and had fun playing it. It is quiet sign for a 8 yrs old like your daughter on what she wanted to be when she grows up. Nice post anyway!


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