Snow globes – the next terrorist threat

Ashcroft snow globeEveryone who flies (in commercial airplanes, at least) knows the ridiculousness of so-called “airport security”. While innocent passengers are harassed and prohibited from taking the most necessary and inoffensive items into the airport, while letting actual guns and ammo through.
TSA rules as to what you cannot get passed security have really been going beyond any notion of the ridiculous – not only are they banning Disney souvenirs, but they now are scared shitless about the dangers of snow globes. WTF?
snowglobesban.jpgThe real story on this, however, is the fact that we, the citizenry, allow the government to impose the most stupid, arbitrary and capricious rules on us without complaining. This one may be a relatively trivial one, but it gets us used to the intrusion of the government into our private lives.

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  1. Samuel

    Banning snow globes in entering commercial planes is a ridiculous idea. Not that I totally despise airport rules but it’s just that their rules are becoming an annoyance already. Come to think of it, it really isn’t about the scope of the banned items that matters but it’s their implementation that practically says it all. How come they ban so many stuffs when they can’t even say NO to influential people who freely gets through items or dare I say – weapons that are apparently more destructive in nature?


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