I am sure it’s happened to you: the polish on your nails has become brittle and/or you want to change colors but don’t have any nail polish remover at home.  What to do that does not involve going to the drug store for some?  Use nail polish!

No, I’m not saying that you should just cover up your old polish with new polish, rather if you apply a new coat of nail polish, it will dissolve the coat underneath it, and then you can wipe them both off.  Use clear polish if you have it, to make the cleaning up easier.

I just tried this method after my daughter made a mess painting her own nails – and then tried to use a knife to remove the polish – and I was surprised at how amazingly well it worked.  Indeed, it worked better than actual nail polish remover (it’s also more expensive).  I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this until my mid-forties, but better late than never.