If you speak Spanish, read my comments often or watch the People’s Court with judge Milian, you know that Spanish is a language rich in proverbs. English has them too, of course, but proverbs are part of every day speech in Spanish, recognized as actual pearls of wisdom.

That’s probably why every time I’m discussing a topic, a Spanish-language proverb pops into my mind.  I love proverbs so much that I’ve decided to take a page from Hayward Councilmember Francisco Zermeño‘s book and do a “Spanish proverb of the day”. It’ll help you learn Spanish, por supuesto.

Today’s proverb is: Todo tiempo pasado fue mejor – literally “every past time was better”, but better translated as “the way things were in the past was always better”. The idea is, of course, that we think of the past with nostalgia, remember the good and forget the bad.

This is something to keep in mind whenever anyone starts a conversation with the phrase: “En mi época…” or “en mis tiempos…” (literally “in my time” but really meaning “when I was young”). I’ve noticed I’ve started using those phrases myself 🙁