California Academy of Sciences

Yesterday we went to the California Academy of Sciences which is now conveniently located in downtown San Francisco a few blocks away from BART. The building is pretty small and there wasn’t much to see beyond the aquarium. Their ant exhibit has closed and a new one on chocolate is opening soon.
The aquarium is much smaller than it used to be, but they have several big tanks with multiple windows in addition to smaller tanks with one or two species. The kids (3 yo) were pretty interested in looking at the fish, though not for very long.
There is a small area with penguins and you can see them being fed at specific times. They have small bean bags where people can seat and the kids just enjoyed playing in the area after glancing at the penguins for a few minutes.
Upstairs there is a toddler room where they enjoyed playing with other kids for a while.
In all we probably spent about 2 1/2 hours there, though you could see everything in well under an hour if you were by yourself.
As the place stands I don’t think it’s worth the $7.00 admission, but it’s free the first Wednesday of every month (yesterday). It wasn’t inordinarily crowded either. Lunch at the Grow Cafe was good.

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