My baby is now a little over 4 months old and I find myself with even less time than I had at the beginning. For the first couple of months I was able to put her down on her swing and she’d happily swing while awake. That seems now like a distant memory. If she’s awake now, she wants to be held /and/ paid attention to. And she barely sleeps. Depending on when she wakes up she’ll either take one or two naps in the morning, neither of which will be longer than 40 minutes, in that time I need to squeeze pumping, a shower and getting stuff ready for going out that day.
We’re out most afternoons now, the park, the library, swimming lessons, a weekly outing, and even Mike being back doesn’t give me much of a break as I usually end up with Camila while he does anything. Even writing this is hard, Camila just woke up and she’s crying every time I turn my head away from her, but she’s on her swing, almost behind me. Thanks God I can type without looking at the screen!
Anyway, I am still here and still alive, but in these most difficult months (for me) of baby-motherhood: when they are too old to sleep and need constant entertainment but too young to sit by themselves and play with toys.