On Motherhood

I was reading The Fix in Salon (yes, from time to time I read it, I plead guilty and ashamed) and run across this comment from Nicole Kidman on having more children:
“I’d like to be a mum again. I always thought I’d live on a Fijian island. I love the idea of being in a sarong, with hair down to my bum and kids following me around.”
AFAIK, she has two or three kids already. But what puzzles me is her belief that she could go someplace, even in an island, and have her kids just follow her around. Huh? Are there kids who do that, just blindly follow their parents around? No tantrums as to where they are going, no hour to get them out the door as they change their outfit for the hundreds time, or they get distracted and start playing when they go retrieve their shoes?, no “I’m bored, mommy” if you are going someplace boring. Does she indeed have three perfectly content, quiet kids who would follow her around, or has she just not experienced enough of motherhood to know it doesn’t work that way?

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  1. no goats

    perhaps that’s part of the fantasy?
    along with the perfect island without flies and mosquitos, sarong that doesn’t fly open at the wrong moment or worse yet, completely come undone and hair like hers to the bum that isn’t a frizzed out mess?
    lovely dream though – to be a granola mum!

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