I hope everybody will have a happy Thanksgiving, though the folly of that wish is painfully clear to me. We all know what a horrible place for so many millions of people this world is, so I won’t bother reminding you, specially when what we can do about it is of so limited use.
BUT, if you do want to do something this Thanksgiving, alleviate a little the guilt of having such a wonderful bounty (if you are reading this, you do) when others live in, well, subhuman conditions if at all, the Save Darfur coalition has an action for you. Just simply explain to your guests a little bit about the situation in Darfur (you can learn all about it on their website), and then asks your guests to sign a letter petitioning the UN Secretary General and President Bush to do some basic actions to stop/prevent the genocide from continuing. You can sign the letter online at http://action.savedarfur.org/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=5997
You can download a printable version of the petition here