It’s two months until Xmas, but we’ve gotten our first holiday toy catalog, so of course Mika has been choosing what she wants for Xmas. I’ve looked up the items she selected on Amazon (where they are cheaper) and tried to steer her to things that are reasonably priced. Fortunately, she understands that some things are too expensive.
What she wants the most this Christmas is a Pleo, a dinosaur robot, which is super cute but ridiculously expensive. She’s not getting it. Second in her list is a Nintendo DS, which speaks greatly to the joys of peer pressure. What she’s really into, though, are littlest petshop animals. She has over a dozen, but she wants more – and equipment for them. She does play a lot with them, so that’d be a good gift.
Her Amazon wish list is at or search for Mika Lacabe
As for Camila, she hasn’t changed her tastes. She’s into Dora the Explorer and babies – but she has tons of the latter. She’s starting to do imaginative play (making pencils into people) as well. I made a wish list for her that includes a couple of Dora things, but in reality she’d love anything Dora. I’ll be adding more things to it as I find them.
Camila’s wish list is at