Thinking ahead towards Xmas – what I want

Xmas list – revision I
-Mixing bowls with lids (Like these ones)
-A Dutch oven
A corningware dish – I want the 2 1/2 qt one, but it may be cheaper to buy it in a set than alone.
-A black cloak:
like this one
-Shawls: one, another (in ivory), yet another one, you get the picture.
-Babysitting coupons
-Gift certificates to nice (or not so nice) restaurants
-Piedmont Springs gift certificate
-Down comforter
-Framing my pictures (I have LOTS of pictures I need to frame!)
-movie tickets
-sunglasses (any)
-Driving lessons

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  1. fairygoddessmother

    cool, this is handy. but how about mike’s wishlist?

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