which is just f****d up.
I just got a call from a friend who moved a block away from a San Leandro school. Today, the day before school starts, they called her and told her that there was no room for her son in that school and that he had to go to another one. Of course, the school district does not offer any transportation for the kid, and the parents don’t have the necessary transportation. But, according to the receptionist at the school, “that’s not my problem”.
Again, they had the whole summer to figure out attendance to the schools. There is no reason whatsoever that they have to wait until the last possible minute to tell the parents that they cannot accommodate their child, not allowing the parents to even start to figure something out. In this economy, parents cannot afford to be missing work because the San Leandro School District cannot get its shit together.
And of course, the problem starts at the top, with the incompetent Superintendent and the (old) Board that extended her contract.
Anyway, it’s interesting that I’ve only talked to three people today. Of those, both had problems with the school district. The third is a home schooler.