mckinley.jpgSchool starts tomorrow in San Leandro (why it starts on a /Wednesday/ rather than a Monday is beyond me), so I just went to check on what class my daughter will be. There are several second grade classes every year.
Well, the lists are not up and won’t be up until 6 PM tonight! That, of course, means that parents that are busy or work at night won’t be able to check them until tomorrow – you can imagine dozens if not hundreds of parents crowding themselves in front of the school door, trying to figure out where to take their kids.
But why aren’t the lists posted today? They are at other San Leandro elementary schools. Are the staff or principal Cher Mott that incompetent? After all, they had the whole summer to figure out which kid will be assigned to which class.
What I wonder, though, is whether they just don’t want to let parents know to what class their children will be ahead of time, that way they save themselves the aggravation of having parents complain about the misplacement of their child. For example, I’ve heard of advanced going-into-second grade students, assigned to 1st/2nd grade combined class, for perhaps dubious (racial? political?) reasons.
In any case, not having the lists posted by the beginning of the day is ridiculous.