Mud Puddle Books’ Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Mud Puddle Books' Beaded Friendship BraceletsMy 7-year-old, Mika, won this kit at a trivia contest at Borders a couple of months back. She was staying with my mother and the two of them tried to make the friendship bracelets. Apparently it was impossible, they required more skill that either of them could muster.
The kit itself came with regular craft thread, a few plastic beads, a cheapy threader (not even a threading needle) and a few safety pins. Not very much, specially for the $17 that Borders sells it for.
All that said, I’m planning to use the thread and beads for other craft projects.

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  1. Katherine

    Borders actually sells it for $8, it’s one of their everyday low priced items. Until a month ago it was still in the store for sale.

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