pedegg.jpgI am one of those people who barely wears shoes. I do, when I go somewhere, but at home, and even in the backyard, I’m usually barefoot. Add that to the extra weight I carry, and it’s not surprising that I usually have *very* callused feet. Once, my husband had to resort to a knife to get rid of them! But no longer, a couple of days ago I bought the ubiquitous Ped Egg at Grocery Outlet (where it was $9 – it’s usually for sale at $10 at local drugstores, so it wasn’t particularly a bargain), and I couldn’t be happier.
As my daughter described it, the Ped Egg is a cheese grater for your feet. And yes, that’s basically what it is, a somewhat fine grater that you use to grate the dry skin off your feet. The advantages over a regular cheese grater is that its design makes it very easy to maneuver on your feet, in particular on difficult to reach areas. The design allows you to keep a tight grip and reach calluses without grating live skin. Make sure, however, that you only apply it to dead, dry skin; you should not be able to feel the grating at all (but you can hear it). It won’t leave your feet completely callus-free, but it’s great for getting rid of the thickest, most difficult calluses. Beware that it’s not fast – if you have a lot of calluses, you’ll have to do a lot of grating. The results are also not necessarily smooth – but the ped egg comes with a buffing pad that you can use to smooth out your skin after you apply it.
What I would recommend, and what I did, is to follow the use of ped egg (which must be applied to clean, dry skin), with a hot water soak – you can then use your pumice stone on any area that was too soft for the ped egg – and finish it off with buffer, of course.
In all, it’s a very useful tool and I’m glad I got it, it just seems grossly overpriced for what it is.