Today two stories came out that highlight the stupidity of people and how quick they are to overreact to every day situations.
In the first one, a man receives a kit for making a gun out of legos (to each their own) – puts it together in his office and next thing he knows has a SWAT team storming in and cuffing him against the door. A lego gun. Incredible.
In the second one, a mother breastfeeding her baby at Target is told that breastfeeding in public is against the law (not true) and that she must leave Target. WTF? Target later clarified that its policy (as well as the law of several states) allows for breastfeeding at its stores – but the damage was already done, the woman already humiliated, and the baby probably disturbed. I applaud the woman for standing up for her baby’s rights, and, of course, I’m disgusted at Target – but nor surprised. This is a company which, after all, has been accused of racial discrimination and which ‘‘sourced from countries with widespread, well-documented human and labor rights abuses.'” (see The Blue Pages, 2nd Edition: A Directory of Companies Rated by Their Politics and Practices).
I’m ashamed to say that I have shopped at Target not too long ago, but I will make sure to remember these instances when I go shopping again.