tattooparty.jpgMy friend Desiree gave Mika a Color In Tattoo Party kit by Creativity for Kids, for Xmas – and Mika couldn’t be happier. The kit allows you to color-in 40 temporary tattoos – the type that children love to put on. The tattoos come with 4 markers, so your color choices are limited, but they come in a nice variety of designs. Mika particularly liked the long tattoos that can be used as bracelets. We haven’t tried putting one on yet, so we don’t really know how they work out. The little tattoos are easy to put on, however. How they look depends on how good your kids are at coloring within the lines.
Anyway, it was a very successful gift – my only issue is that there are relatively few stickers for the cost.

As an update, as noted in the one review of this product on, the tattoos are somewhat long lasting, and difficult to remove with just soap and water (which makes sense, as it means you can still wash your hands without losing your tattoo). They come out quite easily if you use a somewhat abrasive towel and some rubbing alcohol. But they do last otherwise, my daughter kept one in her face for a whole week.