For years, I used to get the most horrible foot ache whenever I walked any sort of distances. It didn’t matter what type of shoes I wore. Then, almost a decade ago I discovered Teva sandals, and then shoes, and I have wore nothing else since. The problem with Teva is that the shoes are very expensive, usually in the $70-90 range. While they are well made and last a long time, I do walk a lot – so a pair of shoes won’t last me more than a couple of seasons. An additional problem is that the shoes are rather ugly – some newer styles are cute, but not as comfy as the traditional ones. Still, I’m just not ready to pay full price for Teva’s so I’ve resorted to buying them at online discounters. Note that these usually sell either discontinued styles or returns.
The best discounter I’ve found is Sierra Trading Post. I’ve gotten several pairs of shoes from them and the shoes have always been in brand new condition. Shipping is quick and efficient. Prices are great, in particular when you use a discount code. On the minus side, if you do have to return your shoes, you will have to pay shipping -which can be about $8. So make sure you know what your size is – not all Teva sytles are consistent.
sometimes has great deals on Teva as well. However, they usually only have these great deals in unpopular sizes or colors.
This time, I as looking for Pretty Rugged Leather sandals in a size 8. The newest model retails for $80, even last year’s model sells for close to that at most retailers. The only retailer that had them for a reasonable price ($40 + shipping) was 6 I was very uncomfortable about ordering from them because they get terrible reviews, but the prospect of saving 50% off finally got me and I did. Fortunately, the shoes I received were fine. They were clearly a return, they had been tried on and all the packaging material was not there, but they were in perfect condition.
For those interested, is the sister company to, an online shoe store that is known for great customer service, quick and free shipping both ways and no-hassle returns. 6pm apparently sells the shoes that are returned to The problem is that Zappos has a great return policy, you can return your shoes up to a year after you buy them, and clearly people return shoes after they’ve used them quite a bit – and these very used shoes can find their way into 6pm, as one shopper/blogger documented on her blog. Fortunately, that did not happen to me, but beware before buying from them. Also note that you have to pay return shipping.