Gilda Joyce, Psychic InvestigatorYet again, I am “reviewing” a book series that I haven’t read. But Mika (9 yo) is through the second book of the series and she LOVES it. I think she even loves it more than the Theodossia books (though not quite as much as Harry Potter).
The Gilda Joyce series is about a 13-year old girl who solves supernatural mysteries. Mika says the books can be scary at time, but good scary. The series has 5 books (the last one to be published in June) and it’s recommended for girls in 5th-9th grades, though Mika is in 3rd grade and has not had any problems with it. Then again, this is a girl who reads A LOT.
If you are looking for more book recommendations for girls (and I always am), there is a great list here.