SPD: The Devil Knows because he is Old.

Today’s Spanish-language proverbs is one of my favorites:

El diablo sabe por diablo, pero más sabe por viejo.

“The devil knows because he is the devil, but he knows more because he’s old”.

This proverb is a variation of the old Spanish proverb: “Más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo“: “The devil knows more for being old than for being the devil”.  I like the first one more, though.

I’ve grown fonder and fonder of this proverb which extolls the knowledge and wisdom that comes with age, precisely as I get older and realize just how true it is.  The past is really the best predictor of the future – which is why knowing history is so important -, and nothing can quite teach you as much about life as living.



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  1. jon weedn

    Dear Marga,
    I read your review of Bishop Village Motel and would like to share our current experience. We have stayed there several times when traveling from N Cal to S Cal and back.
    Most recently my wife tried to make a reservation on a Monday night for the following Thursday checking out on Friday… a one night stay. It’s Mule Days and the Price was 145$ instead of the usual 80-90. There was some confusing discussion over the phone about the price but she still made the reservation. The following day (Tuesday) she tried to cancel due to the higher price and they said they would get back to her.They called the next day (Wed AM) , informing her she could not cancel and that the full amount would be charged for Friday and Saturday night. She was in a meeting and unable to talk with them.That evening she called back and told her that no she needed a room for Thursday night not Friday or Saturday. The receptionist accused her of changing her stories and I heard my wife say why are you being so mean to me. We still needed a room for Thursday and she told her that. When she got off the phone she was shaken and very upset at having been accused of being dishonest. I informed her I was unwilling to pay nearly 500$ to stay one midweek night at the Bishop Village Motel. WE looked at our bank statement and found that we had already been charged for all three night. My wife called back and let them know that we would dispute the charges, never stay again. She was hung up on. She had at this point accused
    the reservationist of doing something illegal.We already had reservations for accomodation in Santa Barbara for Friday and Saturday which was our destination, Bishop being a stop over. The inability to resolve this is very disturbing. I have never had to dispute a credit card charge before. I worked as a restaurant and lodge manager for 30 years, the lack of professionalism by the reservationist and the fact that there was an incorrect reservation taken in the first place was beyond anything I have experienced.

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