Flor Violeta – Avon

Avon's Flor Violeta

Avon’s Flor Violeta

Flor Violeta is a new fragrance by Avon and I think it will be my scent for the summer (unless it’s a hot day, when I need something more citrusy like True Glow or Just Play).  While I wish Flor Violeta was a bit more violet-like and refreshing, I like the happy, lighthearted bouquet of flowers scent.  It just screams “spring” to me.  It is perhaps a tad too sweet, but it smells less “old lady” than most of the other Avon scents I like, so it makes my kids happy.

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  1. Christy

    Flor alegría was soft,sweet floral subtle and feminine.reminds us of Burberry only lighter

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