Witch Hazel for Yeast Infections

witchhazelIf you have large breasts, it’s not unusual to get the occasional yeast infection underneath them.  It’s an area particularly hard to keep dry (though deodorants do work).

Yeast infections ban be extremely itchy and painful.  They respond well to over-the-counter creams, but these are pretty expensive and not always available. So the last time I had a yeast infections, I wondered what else I had at home that I could use to treat it.

Witch hazel seemed like a good choice as it can be very drying.  I looked it up and others have used it successfully.  If nothing else, it promised relief.

Indeed, I got both. It made the infected area feel much better immediately, and by the next day most of the infection was gone.  I did have to reapply a couple of times, and it won’t prevent the yeast from coming back, but it did just as good a job as the creams would have.

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  1. Anton

    If you see some polynesian woman with her traditional breasts-supports made from a crossed band of a soft vegetable fiber (cotton, treated flax, at your choice), surely you will be close to the solution. Or even an old greek women dress.
    The idea is that the highly hydrophilic material of adequate thickness and right number of layers fulfills the function of a wick. And “up and ventilated”. Easily knot-regulated system.
    Sorry for my bad english.

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