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Did I hear right? Did the Lucy Show promote domestic violence?

lucy.jpgI was just folding laundry and listening to I Love Lucy in the background, the episode called The Fashion Show. In that episode, Lucy goes to an exclusive Beverly Hills designer to buy a $100 dress – she doesn’t look at the price tag of the one she buys, so she ends up with a $500 dress. It’s been altered, so she can’t return it.

When Lucy says in the show that Ricky (her husband) will pummel her – I thought it was just an expression, just like we say “me va a matar”, “he’s going to kill me”, commonly in Spanish.  But later, as Lucy is looking for ways to diffuse the situation, she comes up with the idea of going down to the pool and getting what would look like a sun-burn, “Ricky wouldn’t dare hit me”, she says, if he thought she was sun-burnt.
Did I hear right? Was the expectation in the 50’s that a man could and would hit a woman if she “deserved it”? I am flabbergasted – not just that that would be the expectation, but that a TV show would sanction it. Well, perhaps I misunderstood.

Prince Caspian

I just came home from watching Prince Caspian with Kathy and the girls. I’ve never read the books and I didn’t see the first installment of the Chronicles of Narnia, so I was a little bit lost as to what the context was – though I surmised that the first must have been a story about the fight between God/good (the lion) and devil/evil (the witch). What the role of the four children was, I didn’t get at all. I also didn’t get the Christian allegories in this installment. The witch showed up for a minute, and there was a short period of temptation for a couple of the characters – but that has been done ad infinitum and it’s not an exclusively Christian theme. And there was a bit about God not helping you unless you have faith. But beyond that, and perhaps some similarities between the battles in the movie and those of the Israelites, I couldn’t see anything religious. Indeed, I couldn’t see anything in the least deep. The movie, really, made very little sense. For instance, why would the Narnians be so ready to follow Prince Caspian? Why wouldn’t the regent just kill Caspian earlier and make himself king?
What the movie did offer was violence, unmitigated, ever constant violence. I felt terrible having the kids there – how much death do they need to witness? But mostly I felt bored. Battle scene after battle scene after battle scene – even Lord of the Rings had some respite between battle scenes.
So no, I didn’t like it.


I *watched* that last night. It was one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen. It had some graphic kill scenes, which I don’t care for, but beyond that it was just boredom. Fortunately I fell asleep in the middle of it and woke up to see the end, I didn’t feel I missed much. It was 2:40 hours which is just ridiculous. Where was the editor for this movie?

Hannibal Rising

I just saw it yesterday – and I’m surprised I didn’t have nightmares about it last night. It’s one of the most gruesome pictures I’ve ever seen, not for what Hannibal does, but for the reason given for why he does it. If you have kids, if you have a tender heart, keep away from it. I think I’m having post-traumatic stress disorder from watching it. If I could only get those scenes out of my mind!
I keep telling myself it’s fiction, but it’s too horrible to even be fiction.
And I say all this actually having enjoyed the other Hannibal movies (though Hannibal was boring), and having loved Silence of the Lambs. I love horror movies in general – but there are limits and this movie crossed them.

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