I’ve been auctioning off some stuff I’ve found around the house while cleaning, which means I’ve had to research what’s the cheapest way of shipping things.  It turns out to be through Pay Pal.

If you go to their not-so-secret URL, you can enter your shipping information, pay for shipping and print labels to attach to your packages – which you can then hand off to the Postman as if you were using stamps.

What’s surprising is that it’s /cheaper/ than using stamps PLUS you get tracking for free!  Mailing an 8oz package with stamps costs $2.80 plus 75c for delivery confirmation.  Sending it through Pay Pal is only $2.48!  If you send one package, you may only save yourself a dollar – but it could add up if you send many.

Their special prices seem to apply to services other than first-class mail, I noted that their media rates are cheaper as well.

You do have to have a Pay Pal account (I’d cancelled mine after the Wiki Leaks incident, but I had to re-open it).