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Mika’s New Show

Mika is a fan of iCarly, a show about a girl with her own internet show, so when aunt Lola got her a High School Musical Video Camera for her birthday, she decided to record her own tv-show.
Well, we filmed some of the first segments a couple of days ago, and while we haven’t edit them for public consumption, nor have we set up her website yet, you can see here her first clip:

Camila’s bag

A few weeks ago, I got a scrapbooking kit that came with a small bag at a garage sale. I was sort of regretting the purchase, however, until Camila got a hold of the bag. In the following days we had a lot of fun decorating it (thanks to everyone who got me a glue gun for Xmas!) and I must say this must be the best decorated bag in all of California.
Camila has started using the bag as her makeup bag. I went overboard and got a little bit too much makeup from listia and Camila loves playing makeup.
Soooo, for all of those looking for birthday present recommendations for five year olds – you could do worth than an plain bag and some makeup items 🙂
Camila's bag
Camila's bag
Camila's bag
Camila's bag

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