Of stents and kidney stones

Last month I found out I had a kidney stone. After a week of feeling very crampy, the cramps turned into an intense and constant pain in my lower right back side. The pain increased and decreased in intensity, but it was always there. After a night of agony I went to the emergency room, where they found out I had a 8 mm stone blocking my urether. The urine couldn’t get through and thus my kidney was swollen. Some morphine followed by percocet helped me get through the next couple of days (vicodin didn’t help at all), until the urologist put a stent that pushed the stone back into the kidney and allowed for the free flow of urine back into the bladder. A week later, they blasted the stone with shock waves and I’ve been passing it ever since. Finally this week they removed the stent.
I’m blogging about this because my doctor wasn’t very clear in describing how painful and uncomfortable having a stent would be and none of the information I found on the internet was very illuminating. So I figure I’d warn others in similar situations.
For the six weeks I had the stent on, urinating was extremely painful. As the stent was constantly touching the walls of the bladder, I felt like I had to urinate all the time – specially when I was walking or excersising. When I did urinate, it was extremely painful, it was like an intense burning sensation in my urinary track followed by a crinching pain in my kidney. I didn’t know if all this pain came from the stent, the stones I was passing or if I had a UTI (the pain was very similar to that of a UTI) – and I was worried. Alas, now that it’s over I know it was the stent – thanks god it’s out!

I can’t write

I don’t know if I have any regular readers of this blog, but if I do, they could not have failed to notice how seldom I update it. I update my foodblog more often, but not nearly as often as I’d like. I do have a long list of things that I want to blog about – books I’ve read, meals I’ve cooked or eaten, places I’ve been, issues that have incensed me, funny things that have come up but when I actually find the time to sit in front of my computer and write, the words don’t seem to come to me. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m too tired, too depressed, not self-involved enough. Maybe I have nothing to say. But that is why you find me here today, writing about not being able to write.