As a busy mom of two, I like to do as much of my shopping online as possible. That can be a risk, of course, specially when buying apparel and it was one that turned out badly when I shopped from Motherwear.
I bought a nursing bra and a nursing top. The nursing bra was horrible. It was a cheap piece of crap, made from the cheapest, ugliest nylon and providing no support at all. Furthermore it was itchy and got unberable to wear after a couple of hours. Yes, I should have realized that it would suck by looking at its fabric (nylon/spandex) but I never imagined that a company would get away with selling such bad quality product $19.
I also made the mistake of not looking at the fabric of the nursing top I bought. It’s nice looking but it’s made of 50% polyester and the fabric is tough, non-breathable and just plain uncomfortable.
The result is that I will never shop from Motherwear again.