What I watch

Since Camila was born, I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Not only do I have a lot of dead time while I pump, brestfeed and bottlefeed (which add up to several hours a day), but this little girl insists on being held most of the time (just like her older sister!). Sometimes, like right now, I can manage to lay her on top of my forearms and type while she looks at the screen. That’s not possible most of the time so I’m delegated to doing activities that only require one hand – there aren’t that many of them. Thanks god for surfing and TV! And of course, there are also programs I just like to watch period.
In my current watching list I have:
I loved this series from the first episode (which was much scarier than the rest). I like the larger issues that they discuss (the dynamics of a new civilization) as well as how the background stories of each character is unravelling. Still, I think this series started stronger than it’s now.
Desperate Housewives
Like everyone in America I love this dark, irreverent, funny and honest show. I wish they were a little bit more honest about what it means to have four young children (no way that mom can keep that house that clean, and where is her younger baby while she chats with her friends?), but I guess watching a real mom go around her day is not that exciting.
The new season is on and apparently just as boring as other seasons, this is something I watch if it’s still on.
It’s not the most interesting show in the world, but good fare for when I’m pumping as I don’t need to pay too much attention to it. I love the guy who plays the mathematician (sp?) and I like the family relationship in the show.
I wouldn’t have thought I’d like this show but I’m hooked. It also makes great pumping fare. I like how the whole issue of her paranormal abilities is shown – as something she’s not happy to have and doesn’t really want to profit from – and I like that beyond that she is a very real person, as is her hubby.
The Daily Show
Probably the smartest show on TV
The Apprentice
Got hooked on it this season.
The People’s Court
It’s the only court show I like, and it’s often on at a time when I’m breastfeeding
Celebrity Justice
It’s just amusing and often coincides with my pumping.


We don’t know how this movie got into Mike’s list at Netflix, but we want to thank whoever recommended it to him. The story of Hubert, a tough-guy French cop who has been mourning for the last 19 years the loss of the woman who abandoned him, only to find out that she’s dead and has left him with a daughter, is both tender and hilarious. It convinced me that Jean Reno is one of the finest comic actors of his generation. This is light fare, don’t be mistaken, but completely enjoyable at that. I want a dad like Hubert! And so does Mike – though apparently for different reasons 🙂