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Hotel Review: Overleaf Lodge & Spa, Yachats, OR

For almost a decade, we’ve been spent every Thanksgiving week driving from California to Washington state and back.  We usually do this on I-5, and spend a couple of days getting there, and a day back.  We have pretty much stopped everywhere along the way, so when Mike suggested that we find a place to stop this year, I actually ventured to look beyond I-5.  Behold! Oregon has a long and drivable coast, which we have missed altogether!

It turns out that there are practical reasons to miss the Oregonian coast in November.  It’s cold, rainy and foggy – but the day we spent exploring it left us wanting for a more thorough trip, probably in the summer.

The Overleaf Lodge & Spa is one of a myriad of high-quality hotels that spot the Oregon coast.  It offers amazing views and quality accommodations at a price.  Even the day before Thanksgiving, a night there was around $150.

The hotel itself was both comfortable and nice. The room was simple, but the beds were comfortable, there were plenty of pillows and we slept well.  They had nice toiletries.  Our room was in the first floor, and had a door onto a path to the beach.  The weather wasn’t great when we were there, but the kids enjoyed spending time by the seashore.  It was pretty messy, however!

The hotel has a beautiful lobby, with a small giftshop, a comfy fireplace area and a well appointed breakfast room.  Breakfast had plenty of choices, and focused on whole-grain/natural foods.

When we stayed, guests seemed to be mostly retired people, even though we are in our 40’s, we felt a bit young for the hotel.

Overleaf Lodge & Spa
280 Overleaf Lodge Lane
Yachats, OR 97498

Hotel Review: Best Western Arcata Inn

Simple and clean accommodations.

Two months after our one-night stay at the Best Western Arcata Inn, I have trouble remembering what the hotel looked like.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing.  We arrived late on a Tuesday night during Thanksgiving week, and left early the following morning.  What we wanted and needed was a clean, comfortable, hassle-free place to sleep – and that’s what we got.

The beds were comfortable, the pillows, in particular, were great.  The beds didn’t have ugly, unsanitary comforters, which is a big plus for me.  There was basic furniture and a large flat-screen TV.  The bathroom could probably have used more towels, and it was on the small side, but there was good water pressure.

Breakfast was adequate, with a waffle machine, toasters and cereals.  The breakfast area was tiny and crowded, however.

I paid $77 through a TripAdvisor deal.  We stayed mid-week in November, 2014.

Best Western Arcata Inn
4827 Valley W Blv
Arcata, CA 95521

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Golden Nugget – Las Vegas – Hotel Review

Golden-Nugget-Las-VegasMy first introduction to Las Vegas came through a TV show that I watched as a kid in Argentina called Vega$.  Dan Tanna, a private detective played by the very good looking Robert Urich, went around the Las Vegas casinos solving crimes and helping get people out of trouble.  The show had plenty of scenes involving show girls, cocktail waitresses and gambling rooms, and that’s what I think of when I think of Las Vegas.  Staying at the Golden Nugget brought a little of that back, though the hotel has been modernized significantly.

Our real reason for staying, though, was that my youngest daughter, Camila, wanted to go to its pool.  The Golden Nugget has a very cool pool. It has a large, tall aquarium in the middle, which is full of pretty fish and sharks.  A 3-story high slide circles around the aquarium, depositing you in the pool.  The pool itself is pretty small, but I liked the in-water lounge chairs.  As things turned out, neither my husband nor Camila were particularly impressed with the pool.  The line to go up the slide was very long, which meant they only could go once, and the trip down is too fast to see anything.  My 12-year-old, however, really liked swimming around the aquarium, and said that changing hotels for a night was worth it for that opportunity.  The pool, by the way, is open until 8 PM in summer, though only until 5 PM in other seasons.

We stayed in the Rush Tower.  Our room was large and very nicely appointed with stylish furniture. There was plenty of storage space, though not as many easily accessible outlets as I wished.  I particularly liked the modular sofa/lounge chair in the room.  My oldest daughter was able to sleep there for the night, though I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone tall.  The room doesn’t have a fridge, though apparently you can rent one. It has a TV but with few cable channels and no children channels.

The room was fairly, but not completely, clean and ready.  There was no toilet paper in the bathroom (though some was brought up immediately after we asked for it) and a dirty towel had been left in the bathtub.  What would have been of larger concern, had we stayed more than one night, was the “view”.  Our room was in the fifth floor and faced the roof of a building.  There were too flood lights on these roof which were turned on at night, fortunately the curtains were heavy enough to not let any of the light come through.  However, even with the curtains open, the room was very dark.  We had to turn on the light to be able to see around, even during the day.  I’d recommend that if you stay here, you ask for a room on a higher floor, and on the other side of the building (an even number room).

The king size bed was quite comfortable, as were the pillows.  All in all we all slept quite well.

What I didn’t like about the Golden Nugget is how they nicked-and-dime you.  Internet was $13 extra a day; the room had a coffeemaker, but if you wanted coffee you had to pay $10 for it.

Mike and I did a little bit of gambling at the hotel’s casino, and I found it enjoyable enough, even though I lost.  It’s a smoking casino – as are most – but the smell wasn’t too bad.  It probably took 1/2 hour before a cocktail waitress approached me, but she was very nice and efficient when she did.  I had to wait less later when we were playing roulette.

We had dinner at Grotto, one of the more affordable (and yet, still expensive) choices at the Golden Nugget.

I don’t know that I’d stay at the Golden Nugget again, mostly because I prefer the strip, but it’s a definitely a good choice if you want to stay downtown.  It does feel much more intimate and comfortable than the hotels in the strip – but perhaps I perceived it like that because by the end of our four days in Vegas, I was tired.

Golden Nugget Hotel
129 East Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 386-8221

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Bishop Village Motel – Review

California’s eastern Sierras are a vacationer’s paradise, with access to beautiful national parks, amazing lakes, lots of fishing an amazing old-West ghost town. The area is very popular with tourists and vacationers and hotel prices are quite steep – specially after just coming from Vegas. I had originally planned to stay in the Bridgeport, but we left Vegas late and we didn’t make it to Bishop until 7:30 PM. I didn’t see any reason to continue on that night, so I looked for a hotel to stay in Bishop. It was a Monday night, but most of the better reviewed hotels in Bishop were full.  The Bishop Village Motel had OK reviews and a room available with two queen-size beds and a kitchenette for $90, so we decided to take it.  It was an OK place to stay for a night, overpriced, but as I mentioned that’s true of all hotels in the eastern Sierras.

Our room had a small kitchenette, with all the needed appliances as well as plates and silverware (I didn’t look for cooking utensils).  There was a small, tall table with two chairs – too small and in too small a space for the four of us to be able to eat together (we got take out).  The room itself was in an L shape and featured a double bed and a Queen size bed, each with night tables.  There was a dresser with an old-style TV, a closet with extra pillows and not much else.  The small bathroom was small, but the towels were fine. They had soap and shampoo, but no conditioner.  The beds were comfortable enough.

Even though the room is definitely dated and tired, my girls really liked it.  Its major problem was that the wireless internet didn’t reach it, and the wired internet didn’t work.  Again, not a big deal for one night.

The motel itself is pretty humble, but it does have a swimming pool, which we didn’t use but looked quite clean.  The managers have a friendly dog and a cat, and my kids were super happy with them.  The only problem was that they weren’t there at 8:30 AM or so when we were ready to leave, so we couldn’t leave the keys with them (and the motel has real keys, not the key-card type).  We gave them to a woman waiting for them who said worked there and appeared to be the cleaning lady – I’m hoping she was 🙂

All in all, it was a fine place to stay for a night.

Bishop Village Motel
286 West Elm Street
Bishop, CA
(760) 872-8155

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