airbrush.jpgI bought the Style Six Color Effects Airbrush for Mika (my 8yo) for Xmas. I wanted to branch out a little from silk screening and I thought she would enjoy this different way of decorating t-shirts. Well, she did, but the product itself was a total failure.

This kit consists of four airbrush markers, a few stencils and a machine which blows air – you put the markers on it and supposedly use it to spray the paint onto whatever fabric surface you want. Alas, the machine doesn’t work at all. It’s pretty much impossible to make any paint come out of the markers by using it – it just doesn’t blow enough air. Now, the markers work quite well if you put them in your mouth and blow through them – and that Mika enjoyed doing very much – but it’s ridiculous to pay $24 for 4 miserly markers and a few cheapy stencils. The markers don’t last very long either – they were enough to make about 3 (well covered) shirts.

To add insult to injury, the refill is super expensive (about $19 after shipping for 3 markers) and not easy to find.

So, heed my advise and do not buy this product.