The value of things

I fear that my daughter doesn’t value enough her toys and possessions and that this is completely my fault. You see, when Mika was small I made a point to let her know that anything she lost or damaged could easily be replaced. I simply did not want her to be heartbroken, much less traumatized, by the loss of some cherished toy. That worked too well, as her response to such losses now is

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  1. fuzzums

    Very interesting entry.
    Your heading though, touches on the true void. As long as it’s a “thing”, it won’t have much value. As soon as a personal connection is made to the item, replacement becomes difficult to impossible.
    I totally agree that you don’t want to make it a guilt trip toward mama. That will mess her up, ala you, exhibit A 🙂
    But maybe if you begin to emphasize the importance the object has to herself, she’ll gradually become more careful with her belongings.
    And when she does lose things, the concept of value will start to take hold & appropriate grieving or sense of loss can take place.
    I hope she doesn’t become as crazy as certain people and their Tiggers & Ms and not everything needs to be anthropomophized to have value but this may be a way to start.
    Good luck and kisses to the cutest Mika on the planet.

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