Last September we spent a couple of days exploring the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. After spending an afternoon exploring the Enchanted Forest we headed south looking for a beach where to watch the sunset and a place to stay for the night. Kalaloch Lodge offered both and much more.
The lodge has a central building with a foyer, a restaurant and a gift shop downstairs, and several rooms downstairs. In addition, they have 44 cabins, many of them with gorgeous views of the beach. The hotel itself is practically on the beach, though you do need to walk about a hundred yards from the lodge to find access down to the water. The beach itself is beautiful, filled with large white logs which have drifted in through the years and tide pools with sea urchins, star fish and other little critters. Even though it was cold at that time of year (you can light a fire if you are so inclined), it was absolutely beautiful. I had the best time walking on the beach, seeing the immensity of the sea and the sky reflected on the wet sand, looking outwards and inwards.
We stayed at the Becker