bd.jpgToday is my birthday, which I have to admit is a matter of less important now at the doorstep of middle-age than it was when I was younger. Still, I love birthdays and I love being treated to them.
Today started pretty well. I slept in (though truth be told, I’ve been doing a lot of that lately). Then Mike took the girls to daycare and Paz, our worshipped daycare provider, took Camila for the morning – even though she usually doesn’t go Wednesday mornings. So I have the whole morning to myself! (of course, this means that I’ve already accumulated quite a bit of work, but c’est la vie).
Later today I’m going to have a small birthday party for myself: pizza from Zacchary’s, cake & ice cream. I had a larger “murder mystery” party last Saturday and I’ll be having a tea for myself on Saturday. Hey, if I have to throw myself my own birthday festivities (and I do), I’ll do everything I want šŸ™‚
To be fair to Mike, he gets to plan Mother’s Day.