Mike Won!

The elections are *almost* over, the democrats took the house, they may have taken the Senate, and Mike won!!! What a day of celebration today is. Mike’s victory was decisive at almost 20 points ahead of his opponent. And Mike ran a clean campaign. There was no bad mouthing of his opponent (or his wife), no stealing of signs, no fake endorsements and no changing of party affiliation to sway voters. It’s nice to know that sometimes the best candidate does win – even if it takes a herculean effort to get there.
We were lucky in that we had the support of many, many people. A volunteer graphic designer made the website, the signs and the flyers. Our local coffeeshop owner made and printed flyers, gave us a home base and tons of free coffee. And tons of volunteers provided advise, made phone calls, walked precincts, etc. etc. etc.
Mike, of course, spent innumerable hours working on his campaign: getting endorsements, getting financial contributions (we had to raise $10K!), schmoozing with people, learning more about the job, calling people, walking precincts, handing out flyers, you name it. Blood, sweat and tears went into this work. OK, maybe not that many tears, though the girls did cry a couple of time when daddy had to go to yet another meeting.
But alas, it’s all done now. As hard as school board work may be, it’ll be a cakewalk in comparison to what running the race was. I’m ready to relax, enjoy a couple of days sans kids and sans campaign and feel free again.


  1. Tim

    And you deserve a rest! Congratulations on a hard, but well earned win.
    It’s a fantastic opportunity for our city to have Mike on the board.
    Tim Holmes

  2. Marcos "el pucho"

    I had soooooo many things in “my plate”… I did not check about mike’s election ’till today šŸ™
    de todas formas:
    muchos besos y abrazos, Feliz AƱo Nuevo!
    Marcos “el pucho”

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