I wish everyone (i.e. the couple of people) who read my blog a very happy Halloween!
I bought Mika a very expensive Wonder Woman costume because for a month all she could talk about was being Wonder Woman. Now she changed her mind and is going to be Belle (a costume she already had). I’d be mad if I didn’t expect it.
Camila is going to be a dog, a costume I borrowed from Rosemarie. I’m also taking with me a princess costume (the one she wore last year), in case *she* changes her mind. But it’s cold, so I think a dog is better.
I love Halloween myself. We had a party with close friends and it was really fun. But after a month of having the decorations up, I’m ready to take them down. Alas, I don’t have many Thanksgiving decorations, but I’ll make do.
My god! What a boring blog post!