This May there will be no mother’s day for me.
The problem with Mother’s Day is that it falls right after my birthday, this year, the day after my birthday party. And it’s a problem because I go all out on celebrating my birthday. I figure, if I have to plan the celebrations myself (and I do), then I’m going to give myself what I want.
This year this has included dinner with Mike at Cafe Majestic, dinner with my family (including my sister and father) at El Morocco and wine tasting with Kathy and my father in Livermore. I still have a birthday mystery role playing party planned (hosted by my friend Desiree – thanks Desiree!) and a girl’s weekend out with Lola. So a Mother’s Day celebration seems like overkill.
Instead, we’ve decided to celebrate Mother’s Day in October – the 18th of October to be exact. That’s when Mother’s Day is celebrated back home in Argentina, and the date is not close enough to other significant dates (except for Halloween!), to be any other conflicts. So I have to wait 5 more months (and probably plan it myself). But I’m sure restaurants and parks will be much less crowded.