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Something is not working right at The last two orders I shipped, both for items in stock, have been taking forever to ship. Not to be delivered, mind you, but to make it out of Amazon warehouses. My first order, for a tea set and a cookbook, did not ship until 12 (TWELVE) days after I placed it. My second order, for a dvd player, also said to be in stock, is taking an estimated 7 days to ship! And of course, it could be more!
In the past, when they were having problems shipping a specific item, they’d divide the order in parts, and ship them separately. This has not happened with either of the orders I made – which makes me think the problem are not the items themselves, but their whole shipping operation.
So what’s the problem? Are their workers striking? Have they laid of so many people that they cannot deal with the work they have? Are they lying when they say they have items in stock? Have they just become utterly incompetent.
I don’t know, and I’m not sure that I care. All I can say is that I’m not going to be doing any shopping at Amazon, unless I have a full month to receive the items. Too bad for them, because I use it a lot.
Update I called the Amazon customer service people and talked to them as to why my shipments were so delayed. Apparently, if you chose free shipping they can take up to 5 business days to ship your order. And they count holidays (even minor ones as veterans’ day) and Saturdays as business days, even though they work on those days. So, it’s not that they use a slower shipping service, just that they make you pay for the free shipping by holding to your order for days before they ship it. I think this did not use to be their policy, but they really want to encourage people to spend more money now that sales have gone down. The problem for them is that this will discourage customers from shopping there.
The other thing they are no longer doing is splitting orders. In the past, if one item wasn’t shipping for whatever reason, they’d mail you whatever was available. No longer – unless you specifically pay for it. Again, not a customer friendly policy.
Anyway, my conversations with the customer service people did bear fruits, and both the DVD player and the case for such player were shipped yesterday – and they should be here well before my thanksgiving trip.


  1. Kathy

    I ordered a playpen for Jonathan (for mom) yesterday and it shipped yesterday. It’s supposed to be here on Saturday.

  2. Adriana Delle-Crode

    I’m really happy in finding this page so I can express my disappointment with the way Amazon is running its costumer service department.
    I bought a used book August/2008 from a seller called bmichell on Amazon’s site.
    Noticing that the book’s was wrong I sent a email canceling the order on the same day, but instead of canceling my order bmichell sent me a email 2 days after that telling me that they didn’t checked the email on time to cancel the shipping but there was no problem, they would refund my money as soon as they had the book back.
    So when the package came to my home I refused to receive it notifying bmichell that it was probably the book that I had refused and that I was waiting for my money back.
    After that I sent emails back and forth to the seller always with the same response that they didn’t receive it back.
    After a long time I contacted Amazon to help in finding a solution to my problem.
    The same experience that I had to the seller bmichell was duplicated with Amazon. Each time that I called or emailed them I had to explain the hole story, sending all the emails between me and bmichell, but the answer was always the same: “without a track number there was nothing they could do to solve it.
    Then I wasted again my time in explaining that the track number would be reported by the seller not me since bmichell was the one sending it.
    I went to the post office to be sure about the procedure, the post office explained that the procedure was right, that when you don’t want a merchandise you have to refuse the delivery as I did.
    Yesterday January 23 after waiting for the regular week each time that I access Amazon’s costumer service I received the same answer that they are sorry but there’s nothing to be done.
    Today I decided not to fight anymore.
    I spent too much time at the phone explaining the whole same story over and over.
    I am not a big costumer. I’m just a person struggling to finish my classes at the university who tried to save some buck buying a used book.
    But using Amazon for new purchases, well not anymore.
    The only thing that is giving me some comfort is to make as many people as possible aware of my case and the terrible treatment I suffered.
    Again thanks for caring.

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